A Great Deal: 1920×1600 24″ Monitor for $370…by Westinghouse?

by admin on January 21, 2008

I recently upgraded my home and work office from 3 great 20″ monitor, to 4x 24″.   Found a great deal on a 24″ monitor for $370 with shipping after rebate, that’ still going on in Jan.

  • the viewing angle makes the color shift almost unnoticeable when rotated to portrait (as I recommend for most people working with text) or in a multi-monitor array, this is a hidden issue based on the type of LCD being used most don’t discover until they get home.
  • it’s very bright.
  • max information density/lowest pixel cost of any monitor I’ve yet seen. Which I calculate periodically by surveying most the monitors out there finding price on ebay/store/. CostPerPixel = PriceOfMonitor/(pixelsWide*pixelsH).
  • it has component, composite, VGA and HDMI inputs..as well as (crappy) sound, hook up the wii, playstation, dvd.


I was originally going for 6 x 24″ monitors (1920×1200) sadly the bios on my Dell only supports 4. Still 4′ x 4′ of monitors rocks..especially considering it’s powered with a conventional laptop, especially if you are looking to pocket the office yet still maintain the desktop power

It’s not perfect (read the reviews), like in order to support DVI you’ll need a DVI to HDMI which will run $10 www.mycablemart.com/…

I also recommend using it in portrait mode if you’re a coder /writer, which requires using a monitor arm as the one that comes with it. My fav are the ergotron LX, nicely adjustable to counterweight it. So it can be moved with 2 fingers, that runs about $122 after shipping.

At home, since I don’t have a traditional desk, I’ve opted to mount it to a rack mount rail, which has scanners, doc for my camera, the dock for my laptop, external storage (3TB), and has wheels to make it move for easy cleaning and dusting.

Wait…you have that 3840x 3200 display working… with a laptop?

Yes. All the power of mobility of a laptop, and all the power of an office when home, here’s why I only recommend laptops these days anyway.

4 24″ monitors with a laptop multimonitor

Here’s the complete setup.
1) Latitude D820 (though the D830 will also work) with Nvidia chipset.
2) D/Dock (has a PCI card slot) $50-$320
3) Nvidia 280 NVS PCI (not PCI-X or PCI-E) $30-$60 off ebay
4) 1x DVI to HDMI cable ~$10
5) 4x Westinghouse 24″ ~$360 after rebate.
6) Ergotron LX, monitor arm (I’m using the dual at the office) so that it rotates portrait.

Why would you want 4ftx4ft of of desktop space?

Why the hell wouldn’t you want it? fear of turning your workspace into the death star command center?

As questioned here , “does size make a difference?”. YES. Though it’s directly proportional to the mount of information you are trying to organize at once, and how organized you can be. You don’t need 4 monitors for solitare, but size is power, and I’ve never known anybody who after getting used to a larger monitor setup ever wants to go back..ever. Take a few examples.

  • my cousin having about 38 IM windows at once…okay this isn’t an example I recommend, but she was really stoked on it.
  • having my life planner spread across 3860 verticle pixels, so I can easily move things around, without expanding, scrolling, or the finicky drag+scrolling. It makes far more intuively to have it take up that much space, as it’s taping into spatial intelligence, rather than mental pagination.
  • have my financial excel spreadsheet span 3860, making it all information scannable with a few quick eye flits.
  • working with my music studio (the big black thing off to the right is my 88 key piano, and beside it is my guitar arsenal), with all the panels and windows it’s SOOO much easier to organzie.
  • to spatially contextually/spatially organize things, to have music and chat on one monitor when working at home, always in my periphery.
  • integrating. E.g. I have scans of drawings on one monitor, news researching on the other,
  • to makehead movements more natural, resulting in far less neck tension.
  • Scrolling is non-productive time and adds to repetitive strain injuries.
  • Coding, on one screen, debugging on the other, photo editor on the other arranged in a visual workflow.
  • watching a movie (top right) while doing something low intensity in the others.

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