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Graphion is an extension to the popular Lucene search engine,

It also offers these features broadly applicable to search engine result browsing:

  1. Graphical Clustering of search results relative to the parsed query, somewhat like a venn diagram. So in the below example you can see the difference between:
  2. Query building assistance and graphical representation.

And these features primarily aimed at constrained search spaces (such as blogs and wiki's).

  1. Autocomplete of valid seach terms to reduce useful query construction time.
  2. Browsing of valid search terms to gain better understanding of site.


Sample Screenshot:

the blue document in the middle is actually the highlighted state of a mouse over, the contents of the document are shown summarized in the right hand side.


Currently the viewer is a functional prototype, still in development. Currently the prototype indexes a personal blog which includes non public entries so won't be accessible on the web until a filtering mechanism is added and a few other bugs are fixed.